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Do u think this is an Encyclopedia's sentence? "term has strong connotations with communism."......? [[User:Hugjan]

Some try to impart information - others ideology. Quoting Lenin here is like quoting Sheridan's The only good Indians I ever saw were dead. in an article on Native Americans. AlanE 21:28, 2 December 2014 (EST)

I am about to revert User:Northwest's reversion of my changes to this article (and to the article Middle class where I can't create a talk page because of the childish reluctance of CP to use the letters "ass" in a title.)
Let's get Lenin out of the way first. Lenin never said/wrote the words attributed to him. (See ) Even if he had been the source, I still would have deleted it for the reason I gave in Dec. 2014 (above). (And even Sheridan is usually misquoted.)
Most of the other reversions were to do with links to nowhere, bad grammar (Bradshaw's), and TAR's habit of shoe-horning as much of his ideology as possible into the "see also" column. E.g. there is a world of difference between the sometimes fabricated definitions of the "classes" in Western society and the Hindu caste system.

re: Lenin quote in Bourgeoisie article


re: Bourgeoisie article

AlanE is acting in good faith about the Lenin quote:

If you want to discuss the matter of the historicity of the quote, here is a useful resource: 7 habits of highly effective historians

Thanks. Conservative (talk) 02:32, 13 April 2016 (EDT)