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We should begin a table of Staff position, Chief of staff, White House counsel, National Security Advisor, etc. In the long run it should not be on this page so as to not confuse staff with cabinet. It probably needs its own page with someone to maintain it.

Staff members work exclusively in the White House, they are not scattered throughout the Trump Administration, either. I would suggest we begin separate articles on the White House, The Executive Offices of the President, the Oval Office, and the President himself, as each of these are separate, individual, legal corporate entities. The Office of the Vice-President and First Lady have similiar structures. Then you just fill in the blank with whatever current occupant there is. This will resolve many problems we've seen in structuring articles and categories from Administration to Administration. RobSThe coup plotters are going down 17:25, 22 April 2017 (EDT)

So, there is an incomplete table with the best pecking order I can determine. Some of this history should be recorded. For example, it's no secret Jared Kushner comes from a family of big Democratic donors. From the time Chris Christie dropped out of the race in mid-Summer 2016 until 3 days after the election, Christie was the presumptive Chief of staff who would bring in a bunch of East Coat RINOs. Trump ran against the GOP establishment - the heartland Republicans Reince Priebus & Paul Ryan. Once Kushner refused to work with Christie, the East Coast Republican machine was out and Trump had to turn to his second choice, the traditional Republican machine as the only alternative. Blame Kushner for not laying his cards on the table early, and upsetting Trump's original plan. Or blame Trump for a lack of foresight. But a compromise was reached with the GOP establishment and Priebus was hired.
Ivanka Trump hired Priebus. If she has the power to hire she has the power to fire, as well. Bannon was knocked down bigtime, probably for leaking Susan Rice's name to Mike Cernovich of Breitbart as the unmasker - a breach of national security council regulations, and was booted off the NSC. Kushner still held his job on the NSC, and Bannon's flunky, a 31 year speechwriter, has been leapfrogged to Senior Advisor. Democratic White Houses typically have had 4,5, or 6 Senior Advisors, while Republicans typically have only 1 or 2, as this one does.
So the foreign policy making, for now, (meaning the makeup of the NSC staff) has been taken away from Trump and given back to the Deep State. Chalk it up to inexperience and a refusal to listen. That leaves domestic policy in his hands. Ivanka Trump, Rience Priebus' boss, finally got the budget allocation for the First Lady's Chief of staff. My wager is she will not fill out those subordinate positions on the traditional First Lady's staff, but will be able to fill directly the remaining domestic policy positions. She is now officially in a policymaking role. RobSThe coup plotters are going down 07:37, 24 April 2017 (EDT)