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The Cultural Revolution in China

This article is not correct. I will have to locate some references and rewrite it. Basically, the cultural revolution was encouraged by Chairman Mao because he feared a coup d'etat was imminent. As if Chairman Mao in authority wasn't bad enough, Chairman Mao in authority with a enthusiastic wikipedians, I mean Red Guard, trying to root out bourgeois influences--it turned out to be a chaotic witch hunt that led to street fighting, suicides, and ultimately, millions of deaths.

Imagine, if you were a professor, having your students put you on trial, in which you have to publically admit your bourgeois attitudes and "counter revolutionary" ideas and habits, after you were paraded down the street by a bunch of Red Guards waving their little Red Books, as the masses ridiculed you and threw stuff at you. Oh yeah, before you were paraded, half of your head was shaved to make you look like a fool.

Imagine the Red Gaurd collecting most pots and pans in your neighborhood, to melt them in a failed effort to industrialize. Meanwhile, communal kitchens are set up, in which you have to eat with everybody in your neighborhood. Imagine learning that the melted pots and pans produced steel of such inferior quality that it ended up in the land fill, and that the whole effort was a political maneuver designed to promote team work and cooperation.

Imagine Chairman Mao deciding that the way "forward" was to kill all the birds, since they were affecting crop yields. For three days the entire nation was out in the streets, climbing trees, destroying bird eggs, beating pans until birds would literally fall from the sky exhuasted. Three days. Then imagine the next year, when the locusts came, with no natural enemies left. Famine. Starvation. Some people in remote areas actually traded their infants with other families, to eat, horror of horrors, the infants.

This is where communism leads. These events happened, and are documented by Chinese historians and authors. Millions died. After I locate my references, I will rewrite this article so that it tells the true horror and scope of Chairman Mao's shenanigans.

Now, in present day China, the Communist party is still the only party. They are totalitarian--they do not allow freedom of religion, for example, and force women to have abortions if they did not first get a license before getting pregnent (this actually happens; even married couples who have not children are forced to abort their baby if they did not first obtain a license to procreate). China is communist in name only, and in many ways their economy is more capitalistic than ours; but the Chinese government is still an evil empire. HeartOfGold 21:00, 14 May 2007 (EDT)