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Wasn't he knighted? What's wrong with "Sir Elton John"? HelpJazz 17:54, 8 January 2008 (EST)

Hi everyone - this is my first edit! Please be kind... I thought it was important to add a section on his homosexuality because that is what he's mostly known for now (his records don't get much press). Hope this is useful anyway. Sophie.

I'm pretty sure his music career is much more notable than his sexuality since he is one of the most influential British recording artists ever. Danielspence

I added a couple of sentences on his performance at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. It's important information that a conservative icon like Limbaugh would welcome such a prominent homosexual to be the entertainment at his wedding. Ethan.


Hi there, I'm unfamilar with the protocols of the site, but I have a query regarding the usage of the word 'married' to describe the 'civil partnership'. I would describe marriage as being between a man and a woman, and a civil partnership is merely a civil contract. Is this how they are usually described around here? Personally I'd prefer to use the term 'entered into a civil contract' instead of 'married', but I'm just looking to guage the opinions of other, more experienced editors. Many thanks.