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About Me

My Editing Philosophy

  1. Noncontroversial edits are usually ok
  2. I will always follow the Guidelines and Commandments (G&C)
  3. I will attempt to make all articles follow the G&C, and encourage other editors to do likewise
  4. Essay pages are opinion
  5. Mainspace pages are fact
  6. No tilting at windmills!
  7. I will not treat someone's work differently because of their "status"; this is a community project
  8. I will not revert anything added to a talk page, unless a user swears or edits another user's words
  9. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a new result

Pet Peeves (In no particular order)

  1. Plagiarism is the use of another's words as one's own without giving proper credit. This is true even if you "paid for it" and have permission to use it
  2. Selected examples do not prove a trend. If you want to show that "most people do X" by example, you can never prove your point with examples
  3. Don't use "literally" if you mean "figuratively". Don't use "literally" if there's no figurative way to take what you say.
  4. Improper use of political lables. "Conservative" may, in most cases, be the opposite of "liberal", but there are numerous other ideologies which don't line up on a 1-dimentional scale!
  5. Improper use of numbers! (P(BC|Ab)>P(BC|P) does not imply that P(BC|Ab)>P(BC)!!)
  6. "Ironic" means that something happened opposite to what you expect to happen. A woman getting hit and killed by a sugar truck is sad. A diabetic woman getting hit and killed by a sugar truck is coincidence. A diabetic woman getting hit and killed by an insulin truck is ironic.
  7. Finding "please add more" on a wiki page. For one, lists rarely make a good article (and often contribute to pet peeve #2); additionally, all wikis are works in progress, so there's always an implied assumption to add more to an article.
  8. More to come

Useful Links

Subs: /chemredlinks, /Contest, /refs, /workspace, /chemeng, /templates, /irg