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Moved comment from talk page:

"The idea that demonic possession is the cause behind epilepsy is incredibly insulting to people with the condition, and, save for the last terrifying bastions of superstitious lunatics in Africa and the United States, such thinking has largely been abolished. If indeed demons were the cause of epilepsy, then the worst one could say about them in most cases is that they're mildly annoying and inspire great creativity (some famous epileptics include Vincent Van Gogh, Joan of Arc, Socrates, and Julius Caesar) as epilepsy itself is rarely fatal and modernly easily contained with medication.
The American Medical Association urges patients diagnosed with epilepsy to use actual therapy and medication, and not to turn to the witch-doctor antics of 'faith-healers'. (See verses below.)" —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Theoneunch (talk)

You are correct, Theonunch, but comments belong on the talk page, not articles themselves. I have removed the bible verse as well because at best it is only loosely related to epilepsy (it talks about spirits only) and at worse is trying to say that all epilepsy can simply be exorcised. HelpJazz 13:07, 9 October 2007 (EDT)