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An open Debate page has been provided as a forum for responses and reactions to the content of the Text and the Marginal Notes of Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version) atDebate: Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version)


See this diff. I had just this evening discovered the deletion. I viewed the comparison history of the page to find out when it took place. I am certain I did not delete the entire paragraph regarding the ministry of St. Luke, which resulted in the absurdity that Domitian "returning to Greece", "again set up Christian assemblies". When I make an editing change I always review the resulting text before going on to something else. I would never have removed the paragraph. It had to have been done later. Because there is no evident record in the "view history" of the page of another editor doing this, as there was also previously no record of deletion of the Letter to the Laodiceans in the "view history" of the page of chapters 36-42 earlier by person/s unknown, I believe that whoever did this has administrative privileges, or higher, in Conservapedia. The resultant text here made a mockery of the traditional history of St. Luke the Evangelist establishing Christians communities—Domitian setting up Christian assemblies! Whoever did this is no Christian and did not have the decent honesty to post an objection to the text and leave evidence of the edit ID, and should be blocked from editing Conservapedia.
--Dataclarifier (talk) 22:54, 12 December 2018 (EST)