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I think that we need to get more contributors on the Conservapedia IRC channel. It makes the Wiki work alot more smoothly. Chevrefuqae 22:02, 26 February 2008 (EST)

I think Conservapedia is working just fine as it is. DanH 22:05, 26 February 2008 (EST)
Being content with the status quo is so 20th century conservatism. Can't we show the world we're a new, dynamic force that isn't going to bow to lib pressure? Chevrefuqae 22:07, 26 February 2008 (EST)
IRC is what's 20th century. I've spent so much time trying to figure out how to use it and just can't do it. DanH 22:13, 26 February 2008 (EST)

I agree, it'd be nice if more of you showed up on IRC. Would absolutely love a chance for logical debate with the editors of conservapedia. =]

Conservapedia channel

I'm inclined to remove references to the Conservapedia IRC channel. It has not been used since Apr 6th, 2008 (at 17:52:59 to be exact). I'd be happy to use and park an IRC channel for CP (I could even run a moderation bot), but if no one else is interested, this should probably go. --David B (TALK) 21:36, 15 September 2016 (EDT)