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I am really sorry to read the contents of this talk page, which not only are way away from the reality, but also misquote a lot of things. To be precise,

  • Jainism is not atheistic, instead it very well believes in God. The aim of life, according to Jainism, is to attain Moksha or nirvana (similar to Christian heaven) and those who attain Moksha attain the level of demi-Gods, who serve Gods.
  • Jainism was not founded by Mahavira. In fact Mahavira was the last of the 24 tirthenkars (teachers in English) who enunciated the practices and path towards attaining Moksha, and these practices together became what is known as Jainism as a religion (but is actually a way of life). So terming Mahavira as the founder of Jainism is mis-placed.
  • Chandragupta Maurya did not become a Jain. In fact there is no concept of conversion in Jainism. Instead, he became a Buddhist and he was the one who build various Buddhist momuments in India and other South Asian countries. In fact it was his efforts which made Buddhism spread in Ceylon (today's Sri Lanka) and also other countries like Burma (today's Myanmar) etc.

I hope someone will correct these mistakes on the main page, which I am not changing lest be accused of re-writing the entire page. Tarun2k 21:08, 26 May 2008 (EDT)

Works vs Faith

It is similar to Works vs Faith debate in Christianity