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The text is totally biased against the movie. I will try to rewrite it in a more neutral point of view. The movie has excellent points that can be adequately explored by any christian - in fact, it's probably the less blasphemous Jesus Christ movie since it was made, and most of the departures from Scripture can be explained either because of the movie's narrator and/or simplification. Sunda62 18:21, 1 July 2009 (EDT)

  • Done.
  • I removed: The libretto of the rock opera was consistent with the view that Jesus did not have to die and that Jesus was not God Himself, two ideas which have been bedrock Christian theology since c. 400 A.D.
  • Reason: No, it's not. When Jesus asks God why he must die, God shows him not the crucifixion, but the artistic representation of crucifixion through the centuries - a miraculous sign that Jesus's death in the cross is essential to the future history of mankind. I can't imagine a better graphical image that represents God's answer to Jesus question in the scripture He prayed that if there were any possible way, he wouldn't have to go through what was to come (Mark 14:35).
  • I removed: By humanizing the characters in the Gospel story, it introduces or supports the idea that Jesus was trying to bring the Kingdom of God in his lifetime but was thwarted by the various failures of his disciples
  • Reason: The characters of the Gospel story are humans, so there's no way to humanize them. There's no indication of Jesus trying to bring the Kingdom of God - Jesus even reproaches Simon the Zealot when Simon makes a revolutionary speech urging Jesus to bring the Kingdom of God. The failures of the disciples are consistent with the Scriptures: the disciples were a bunch of idiots (they didn't understant any that Jesus said, they slept when Jesus asked them to pray for him, they abandoned Jesus at the crucifixion, they didn't believe in the resurection, etc), and they only became the characters we respect after Pentecostes. Sunda62 17:06, 6 May 2010 (EDT)