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There is almost no information on this legendary creature. The sages in the Talmud mention it casually as if they all understood according to their tradition that it simply existed, without question. They don't debate its existence as they did the identity of the Tachash. Some of them said the wild Tachash with one horn was probably clean, because the Keresh with one horn was clean and it was certainly a wild beast. When I first read a mention of the keresh, I tried to look up some info on it, but over a period of about 4 months I only found bits and pieces in widely scattered places, no articles on it in encyclopedias, not even Jewish ones; and tracking down the sources in the Talmud was tedious. Other articles only repeated what was in the Talmud's tractates, but only different parts, not all together, which suggested that there was additional information somewhere else. But there wasn't—not much! I decided in September that if I wrote an article about the Tachash, a companion piece should be provided so the reader could easily find out just what the analogous Keresh is supposed to be according to the rabbinical sources, with all of the available sparce data gathered together. All that can be said about it is that it was called a (kind of) "big deer", that it has one horn (but without specifying if it is on top of the head or if it is on the forehead), no description of the color of its hide, and that its hide measures 15 cubits. The horn or horns may have been black, or maybe not. When my recent articles "Badger skins" and "Tahash" had been permanently removed by senior Wikipedia Administrators, who violently objected to the subject, only weeks after these two articles had been accepted and created, I discovered Conservapedia and offered the information here. When these were accepted, I decided to finish the whole three-part project with this article Keresh.

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