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WaPo misinformation

WaPo says, "Andriy Kovalyov, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense's Territorial Defense"; typical Western media and WaPo misinformation to slant your perceptions. The Territorial Defense is not in the Ministry of Defense, it is in the Ministry of Interior. It is a police agency, not a military outfit. But members have been re-assigned to the front - in violation of the contracts they signed up for.

This type of misreporting dates as far back to the WWII and the Cold War, at least, and warps Americans perceptions about what is happening.

If you ever saw the film Cold Mountain (a surpassingly good movie for Hollywood), the territorial defense is like the Confederate Home Guard portrayed in that movie - a bunch of cowardly, greedy, thugs and murderers. This is somewhat a portrait of the thugs and gangsters that Zelensky handed AK-47s to when he declared Martial Law. Those guns are rarely used by "patriots" and "nationalists" against Russian invaders - they are used to threaten, exploit, rob, and kill citizens of Ukraine - whatever their nationality (Greek, Jew, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Gypsy, etc.). RobSZ 00:37, May 26, 2022 (EDT)