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So, there was this herpetologist...

...who was trying to get a couple of adders (a kind of snake) to reproduce in captivity. He didn't have any luck, until one day, by chance, he encountered a colleague in the mathematics department and mentioned his problem. The mathematician brightened and said "I can tell you exactly how to solve your problem. Find a tall, thin tree. Cut it into logs. Then attach the logs to each other to form a small table. Put the table into the adders' cage, put them on the table, and leave them alone."

A few months later, the mathematician called the herpetologist to see how things were going. The herpetologist was ecstatic. "We have ten healthy baby adders! It's wonderful! How did you know what to do?"

"It's easy," said the mathematician. "Every mathematician knows that...

adders can multiply with a log table! "

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