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A belated answer to Wikinterpreter: No, I do not equate the "contra" freedom fighters with totalitarian genocidal maniacs like Stalin and Pol Pot. Your attempt to slip in a bit of moral equivalence is noted with disapproval.
We also don't know that executing minors is evil - I suppose that idea is part of a worldwide attempt to ban the death penalty for actual evils.
Finally, your view that while growing to maturity kids will simply recognize evils is not supported by any religious view I've ever heard of. The conscience requires education, a fact well known to all who seek to pervert and subvert. Totalitarian governments always seek to turn children against their parents, so they won't pick up and good ideas! --Ed Poor 13:41, 15 May 2007 (EDT)

Argument from ignorance


In politics, a war-weary world often resorts to moral equivalence when it cannot determine who is right and wrong in a military conflict. A case in point is the Arab-Israeli conflict. If one side is the aggressor and is taking advantange of the other for its own benefit, then that is the evil side. The evil side should be stopped and perhaps also punished. But if both sides are equivalent, we need only "make them both stop". This relieves us of the mental effort of distinguishing right from wrong.

We need a standard of right and wrong before determining that two sides are equivalent. --Ed Poor Talk 11:45, 4 December 2008 (EST)