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Re this edit:

First of all, there is no race to see who can utter the word "liberal" the most times. You only need to reference his liberalism once (I would argue it's not important at all, but whatever, I'm ok with once). Second of all, many of the statements were sensationalized to the point where they no longer agreed with the letter or spirit of the source. For example "the software used by private companies, libraries and schools to block out undesirable sites" was converted to "the software used by libraries and schools to prevent children from looking at pornography." Yes, this is a use of the software, but there's no need to present such a narrow view.

The statment about China was not backed up by the source -- Finkelstein's only quotation in the source was about censorware in general, it was the articles author who was "arguing" that China was using the software.

The statement about blocking was backed up by a personal blog of the person who was being stalked. There is no verifiability to this type of source, especially when there's so much conflict of interest going on.

Lastly, much of the Wikipedia section was not supported by the source.

All of the above may be true (well, parts of the above may be true) but it's not supported by the supplied references; provide proper references and the info is golden. HelpJazz 21:04, 24 October 2007 (EDT)