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I would be hoping that an article on Shiite's is actually about the Shiite religion, not today's politics. If this has to be a trustworthy encyclopedia then there must be something about the beliefs of this sect. The motto must be lived up to if this project is to be taken seriously.

I agree with the above and I would like to point out that the ite at the end of the title of this article only points out the writer's ignorance on this topic and lack of research; this is like calling Christians Christianites. If you search Shia you will come up with sites like,, and; but if you search Shiite you won't find any site such as org, or net...). I would also like to point out that Shiaism is the official religion of the Iranian government, there is no sect of Shiaism the has given Iran the authority to say who is good and who is evil,this is just more ignorance from the writer of the article; and whom so every believes that Iran is the head of Shiaism is either very gullible or very ignorant.

Lets do a proper article

We need to write a proper article on the Shi'ite religion first, then maybe write a little about contemporary Shias. I'll start work on this soon. AboodNazaar 07:08, 7 March 2008 (EST)