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Proposed layout

I would like to propose to use the current version of this article as a lead or overview, with the following as an outline for future expansion:

  • locomotives
    • steam locomotives
    • Diesel locomotives
    • electric propulsion
      • electric locomotives
      • electric multiple units
  • braking
    • air braking
      • vacuum brakes
      • electronically-controlled pneumatic brakes
      • dynamic braking

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by NPOV2 (talk)

First, I've reformatted your post to avoid your post itself being a table of contents and multiple headings. If and when other topics get discussed on this page, we will want the table of contents and headings to distinguish posts, not your proposed layout.
Second, your outline looks good for a start, although there is a fair bit missing from it, such as carriages, wagons, normal air braking (assuming your "air braking" heading was just a heading for the following sub-sections, but perhaps it wasn't?), and other types of locomotive (you've covered the main ones, but there's variations, such as battery-electric, steam-electric (there were such things), and so forth. But they can be added later.
On a different note, your edit to the article removed the point that trains are more efficient in part because of reduced friction of steel wheels on steel rails. It now reads that they are more efficient because of being able to carry greater loads on steel wheels, which is not the same thing (although is probably a valid point in itself).
Philip J. Rayment 10:34, 24 August 2008 (EDT)