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High speed train

A train is a mode of transportation that uses railroads. It pre-dates automobiles and allowed for great advances in traveling over land compared with the predominant method prior to trains of using horses. Trains run on tracks which limits their range, but as the tracks are usually on their own right of way, they avoid the traffic conditions that are common on roadways.

Trains generally do not have the same weight limitations as road vehicles, because they use steel wheels on steel rails. As a result, they can be made to operate more economically, including, in the case of electric trains, not having to carry around a power generation source and fuel. However, because steel wheels on steel rails generate much less friction than rubber tires on concrete, stopping distances for a train are much longer than those for other vehicles and can exceed one mile.

Famous trains include Thomas the Tank Engine a cheeky blue locomotive from the Isle of Sodor

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