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TeaParty365, officially as TeaParty365 Inc. and The NYC Metro Tea Party, is a 501(c)(4)1 non-partisan, not for profit, advocacy organization for government fiscal responsibility. Formed in 2009 by co-founders David Webb and Kellen Giuda, they are the leading grassroots tea party organization based in New York City. "Tea Party 365 was founded to give voice to those who believe that limited, effective and efficient government must be our collective goal in order for this nation to maintain its place as the world’s leader." TeaParty365 is affiliated with the National Tea Party Federation.[1] Volunteers are sought to reach out to people in the community to raise awareness about government abuses of our tax dollars.

Per a press release,

TeaParty365 organizes volunteers, hosts high-profile advocacy events, creates social and community-building programs, and publishing proposals to set us back on the right course. We will support like-minded candidates running for public office with our future PAC, report on local government and national issues and events. In addition we drive our message through smart advertising and public relations, digital communications and outreach initiatives to all demographic groups – all for the cause of fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and liberty.


  1. TeaParty365 Joins National Tea Party Federation, April 14, 2010

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