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Tech-socialists describes the large Silicon Valley technology companies that flood D.C. with lobbyists to enshrine their policies on America. Google, Facebook, Apple and others seek favorable treatment for their financial well-being while pushing Democrat policies on the culture. They create unfair advantages through regulation, develop sweeping patents that stifle innovation, push for net neutrality and work closely to promote social issues that results in limiting freedom of speech. Their influence furthers their monopolistic pursuits and they indoctrinate the general public on their beloved social leanings. Tech-socialists decide what is news and what is fake news, groups that are deemed off limits like Muslims and those who are deemed acceptable to punish, such as conservatives and white people. They fund Democrat politicians handsomely, they encourage their employees to protest Republican policy.[1] They are in essence professional liberal organizers and activists.[2]

Net Neutrality is simply the spawn of the tech-socialists, the liberals that want to control the freedom of the internet.

Tech-socialists have been referred to as Silicon Valley Sultans,[3] lording over the rest of us with their enormous wealth. They push for cheap labor through H-1B Visas and open borders. They associate with other enormously wealthy donors and groups to fund activists and steer the public on a wide range of issues from multiculturalism, refugee settlement, homosexual rights, global warming, etc.


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