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City: {{{city}}}
Type: {{{type}}}
Students: {{{size}}}
Faculty: {{{faculty}}}
Colors: {{{colors}}}
Mascot: {{{mascot}}}
Degrees: {{{degrees}}}
Expense/yr: {{{expense}}}
Endowment: {{{endowment}}}
Website: {{{website}}}
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name For the name Yes
background For the name bg no white
text For the name text color no black
image If you have an image no
type Private or Public no
size Number of students no
faculty Number of faculty no
city What city it's in no
sports What sports they have (separate by comma) no
colors What colors they use (separate by comma) no
mascot What mascot they use no
degrees Degrees offered no
expense tuition and expenses no
endowment Size of endowment no
website What website they use no



This is for universities and colleges alike.

In order to get the colors for the text and background (along with the official colors), you should try and get what the school itself says they are. Schools usually list identity information online; the following keywords (with a little clicking around) usually unearth them:

  • School name identity standards
  • School name graphics guide
  • School name color palette
  • School name web guide
  • School name logos (Note: often times the standards for color will be listed on the same page (or a page close by) to the logos)

If all else fails:

  • To get the colors for text and background
  1. Find a sports logo for the school and download it
  2. Open it in Microsoft paint
  3. Click on the test tube tool in paint, and click on one color of the image
  4. Click on the "Colors" menu in paint, and click edit colors
  5. Click Define custom colors
  6. copy down the three numbers on the far right (red, green, blue)
  7. In conservapedia, for either text or background, type rgb(#,#,#) - where the numbers are what you copied down.