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I've created this following the discussion on the Homosexuality talk page. Some points:

  • Clearly it's too long - at the moment I've put in most of the pages from Category:Homosexuality, but it should be pared down to just the most important pages before it's used anywhere.
  • Ideally there would be a better picture - suggestions welcome.
  • And as ever, any improvements to design or organisation will be much appreciated.

--CPalmer 07:10, 3 November 2008 (EST)

I've also added it to Homosexual rights advocacy temporarily, so we can see how it looks in situ.--CPalmer 07:17, 3 November 2008 (EST)

That's long, long, long. Maybe you don't need to shoehorn in all of Conservative's "homosexuality and ____" pages. Corry 10:03, 3 November 2008 (EST)
Completely agree, but I haven't read many of them so would rather someone else cut down the list. Would you be able to do it?--CPalmer 10:05, 3 November 2008 (EST)
I think most of my opinions on these articles might not be appreciated. Try this- pick out what seem to be the main articles and link to those. If an article only consists of a quotation or two, then don't link it. If you go through Conservative's body of work you can probably quickly separate them- a number of these articles are short blurbs consisting only of a few quotations or advertisements for blogs he has quid pro quo linking agreements with (although I think some of these might be deleted). Corry 12:02, 3 November 2008 (EST)
OK, I've done as you suggested - if anyone doesn't like it, they can always change it back. It's still on the long side, but then again there are a lot of pages to cover and its length is nothing compared to most of the pages it'll appear on.--CPalmer 13:35, 3 November 2008 (EST)

Make sure you avoid hiding any information which points out health hazards of homosexuality, including its mental health aspects. A quick link to the murder and suicide rate in the gay community would be a good thing to have.

Note that this is without prejudice to whether homosexuality is a cause or a response to social conditions, let alone a matter of choice. We just want readers to know what the prevailing conditions are. If cause and effect are controversial, let's explore the controversy. --Ed Poor Talk 13:49, 3 November 2008 (EST)

OK, I've made a template:Homosexuality and health. That means we can cut down the health-related links in this template without losing anything. Thanks for your guidance on this.--CPalmer 16:20, 3 November 2008 (EST)


I'm surprised this template is along the side -- that will likely run into images and make a mess of formatting. I think bottom is the way to go. The bottom can accommodate it as it expands and is a smoother experience altogether. The liberal template is a good example of how this can work. P.S. I really appreciate your work on this! We needed these articles to be easy to find. -Foxtrot 20:22, 3 November 2008 (EST)

You make a good point about running into images, but I think if the template is cut down then those problems will be kept to a minimum - see template:Homosexuality and health and template:Bible for examples that work well. The trouble with a bottom template in this case is that several of the articles (especially the main Homosexuality one) are so long that people probably won't see it.--CPalmer 07:07, 4 November 2008 (EST)
The main reason it's on the side is to show the "crossroads" photograph, implying that homosexuals are faced with a choice: to continue their self-destructive lifestyle or to struggle to find a way out. Alcoholism may be considered "a disease", but that's no excuse for showing up drunk at work; and Alcoholics Anonymous has a practical and highly successful plan to help those who wish to change.
There are some topics which deserve links at the bottom, but a controversial subject like homosexuality needs them on the side - where users can click without having to get to the bottom. Homosexuality is a complex subject, with a lot of misinformation adding to the confusion.
Can we side links for global warming, too? --Ed Poor Talk 14:35, 4 November 2008 (EST)
I'll agree that it makes it difficult to find the template bar on the very long pages. However, unless we start having the images on the left at the top of these articles, I think there's going to be formatting issues. The guiding principle should be ease of navigation, but an important secondary consideration is the effect on the layout of the page. -Foxtrot 17:50, 4 November 2008 (EST)
Mr Poor: I'm glad you like the picture. I'd be happy to do a similar, preferably shorter, template for global warming. Could you suggest which articles it should have, since there's no global warming category to refer to.
Foxtrot: I think the solution is to use this master template very selectively, and make a bottom navigation box to go on shorter pages. Does that sound sensible?--CPalmer 07:22, 5 November 2008 (EST)
I've made the bottom box - it's at {{homosexualityb}}.--CPalmer 08:39, 5 November 2008 (EST)
Thanks, CPalmer, for the bottom box. I've added it to all the pages I could find (that weren't locked). -Foxtrot 18:37, 14 November 2008 (EST)

Broken Link

There is a link to a deleted article - Homosexuality and language - in this template. If there are no plans to re-create the article, you may wish to remove it. DrewJ 15:28, 8 September 2010 (EDT)