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Improving Conservapedia since 2008

My first project was to concentrate on improving the articles on the Divine Comedy and related topics. I'm more or less happy with these now, though further suggestions are welcome.

I've also written a reasonably informative entry on the fine sport of weightlifting.

And as if that wasn't enough, I've even been known to tidy up categories as well. The links that used to be on Interiot's user page are very helpful for this eccentric pastime - I've saved them here.

Any suggestions, comments and contributions are very welcome.

As of August 2011, I have blocking rights and also SkipCaptcha. If I can be of any assistance, do let me know. As of March 2012, I have night-editing rights, too!

Page I can never find

*Upload requests

My writings

I've written an essay on Jesus' relative emphasis on Heaven and Hell, based on Mark's Gospel. You can read it here.

Continuing the theme, I've also posted a mystery about the exact nature of Hell. All parties are invited to respond.

Backslapping below

I continue to enjoy interacting with the other users on Conservapedia. Accordingly, here is a list of ten of my current favourite Conservapedia editors:

  • Aschlafly - Welcomed me, and has sparked some fruitful discussions
  • Cipe - Eagle-eyed template help
  • WesleyS - Tireless, low-key editing
  • AugustO - A very polite and erudite fellow
  • DamianJohn - A maker of good suggestions
  • Jduck1979 - Could JDuck be Conservapedia's longest-running "basic rights" user?
  • KevinDavis - Some good work on the categories and vigilance elsewhere
  • GregG - Insightful additions to various pages
  • Low Key - Another long-running user who took the time to introduce himself
  • Benp - And another, although he now has well-deserved extra rights.

Please don't be put out if you're not on the list - if there is any unpleasantness I shall take it down straight away.

Bible references

One of the best things about this site is that Bible references automatically show the text when you put the mouse over them. Example: Ezra 10:22.

Temporarily unavailable, it would seem; but it is a good feature when it works.

Praise for CPalmer

"I hope we can create a Conservapedia:Writer of the Year award, just so we can give it to you." - Ed Poor, Nov 2008

"I am declaring you an honourary WikiGnome for all your efforts in doing the fiddly things no-one else seems to do." - KotomiT, Jan 2009

"Thanks for your [...] superb work. I've learned from your contributions." - Andy Schlafly, Aug 2009

Thanks for having done a part of my job - putting References of my article "Statins" in the right format. I am a newcomer and at that time I did not know how to do that. Muteswan

Favourite entries


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