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I'll officially unretire myself now, and list myself as semi-retired.

Christmas Campaign '08-'09

About Me

I am a thirtysomething guy living in Pennsylvania. I love to play music, and have the ability to play several instruments (guitar, saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass guitar). I am registered Democrat, although my political compass is rather centered. I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, with minor in Biology, which I earned at the University of Pittsburgh. I currently work as a metallurgist. There was a time where it was very hard to balance my science and my religion, where one cast doubt on the other. One of my biology teachers in college brought things into perspective. He is a scientist who teaches biology (which would include evolution, which he only brushed on), but he is also an elder in his Church (Presbyterian, if I recall). Over some discussions, I was able to resolve the differences between the two extremities.

My Focus at Conservapedia

I will be focusing more on standardizing the pages, categories, and whatnot to make the encyclopedia more streamlined.

Countries visited and/or lived


Pretty sheltered, no? I plan to travel, as I've recently devloped a taste for flying. I'd like to go to Japan, and a tour of Europe would be nice as well. I do, however, have quite a collection of coins from all over the world, currently at 285 countries/provinces (some now defunct, a la East Germany) and some aren't even countries yet (a la Kurdistan). I'd put up the pictures of the flags, but there are far too many, and I have work to do.

Favorite Conservapedians

In no particular order:

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