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Is it possible to have access to this template[edit]

I am trying to update data about French President using this template but France do not have Vice Presidents but Prime Ministers (as well as many countries).--ARamis 22:41, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

Add birth/death dates?[edit]

I also would like a chance to edit this template. It seems to me that it should offer a birth date/death date option. --David B (TALK) 16:28, 13 October 2016 (EDT)

A section for children might also be appropriate. --David B (TALK) 16:36, 13 October 2016 (EDT)
Yet another thought: There doesn't seem to be an option for stare senator/representative, but only federal. It might be a good idea to add those too. --David B (TALK) 17:23, 3 November 2016 (EDT)