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How is this one of the most wanted pages? --AugustO (talk) 12:05, August 9, 2021 (EDT)

Every navbox template contains the "navbar" at the top left which links to the template itself, the talk page, and the "index.php?title= etc. etc. &action=edit" URL. When transcluded, the template includes the link to its talk page whether it's created or not. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 12:12, August 9, 2021 (EDT)
Yes, thanks: IMO Template:Tnavbar should not link to its talk-page: who needs to visit the talk-page of a template directly and not via the template page? That would get rid of quite a few "wanted pages".... --AugustO (talk) 12:35, August 9, 2021 (EDT)