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Texit is the common name for any political movement within the United States State of Texas to regain the independence Texas initially enjoyed following the Battle of San Jacinto and the establishment of the Republic of Texas in 1836.

There have been numerous movements within Texas to reclaim its independence in one form or another, ranging from a group calling itself the "Republic of Texas" (after its predecessor, but which has no problem using violent tactics) to the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM, which seeks a political solution by a statewide referendum, similar to Brexit).

On 25 January 2021, Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann (R–Fredericksburg, Comal County, Texas) introduced a bill—the Texas Independence Referendum Act—which would call for the statewide referendum the TNM advocates, to be held in November 2021.[1] If the vote is in favor, then the bill provides that a committee, with members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor (currently Dan Patrick) and the Speaker of the Texas State House, consider the "most efficient method" of achieving Texas independence.

Texit "War Games" and Updates

Terry A. Hurlbut of Conservative News and Views, beginning in late January 2021, published a series of articles on the possibility of an actual Texit secession movement and the "war games" which could likely take place (the articles are written in an alternate history style, and are in fact based on the "Republic of Texas" alternate history trilogy written by Daniel da Cruz). Each article states what actions have happened in real life (such as the filing of the bill stated above) and what has happened in the timeline of the war game[2], with links to prior articles.

The articles are posted below:

It should be noted that Hurlbut's articles are premised on the belief that Texas would, at the outset, be acting alone in such a scenario. It is equally as likely that several other states would either make similar declarations and/or provide covert "aid and comfort" by either the governments or sizeable groups of private citizens in support of Texit.

After the six "war games" articles, Hurlbut continued to write articles on actual events (such as the extreme hard freeze which virtually shut down Texas' electric generating capacity) and how those events could ultimately play into an actual Texit.


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  2. One article even pays homage to Conservapedia founder Andrew Schafly, stating (in the alternate history timeline) that he became a new Texas resident.