The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

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The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) was founded in July 1990 as a privately funded, non-profit educational corporation on matters of abortion. They believe that until the evil of abortion is seen, it will never be understood. CBR displays some of the most graphic images of aborted children to shock the conscience and awaken the nation to the horrible injustice. Per their website,

(CBR) is working to establish prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn, the disabled, the infirm, the aged and all vulnerable peoples through education and the development of cutting edge educational resources.

CBR operates a number of different campaigns. The Reproductive "Choice" Campaign shows what a choice really looks like. The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is a traveling photo-mural exhibit. The Matthew 28:20 Project is an offshoot of the Genocide Awareness Project but is directed at the secular community with an appeal for civil rights. The AbortionNO Campaign is an animated web presentation with the most sobering 1st trimester and 2nd trimester abortion images in existence.

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