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The Conservative Camp is an American political website that is targeted to a conservative or "center-right" audience. The site is a full, interactive information and resource portal as well as a collaborative blog. Features include news, editorials & opinion, multimedia, humor, issues, commentary, interactive community, blogs, links to several resources & documents, as well as analysis and information on current political and policy issues. In addition its role as a news aggregation site, The Conservative Camp also features its own columnists who write opinion and observational pieces. The site also allows visitors and guests to submit original content for publication.

Founded in 2003, the site has had two different active periods online with the first lasting from February 2003 to January 2004. The second period of activity began when the site was re-launched in the autumn of 2009 to the present. Between both periods of activity, the site continued online as a parked page featuring advertisement links.


The Conservative Camp was originally founded in 2003 as an independently-owned and run website portal to journal the early stages of the Iraq War. The original site was a largely static site that needed to be manually updated. It was also a primitive form of an early "collaborative blog" in which several internet columnists were encouraged to submit work for publication on the site. After almost 12 months of activity, the site suspended its online presence, citing the continual maintenance required to keep the site's content fresh as being too time consuming. The site remained in a state of suspension from 2004-2009, with the "Conservative Camp" domain name active as a parked web domain that served as a portal of advertisement links.

In 2009, The Conservative Camp was re-launched in an entirely new format, with automated syndication; password-protected control panels for individual columnists to control their own submitted content, and a place for guest columnists to submit articles of their own. Now a full scale conservative website portal and collaborative blog, designed with the latest .php and .css code, the site became interactive to visitors and members alike. The site introduced several new features such as the ability to organize contributor and user blogs from the front page; action centers allowing users to take action related to emerging political issues; polling and voting options by users to questions of political relevance, a new document library from which several U.S. public domain document transcripts and images could be unloaded. The new version of the site also allows for guests to become members via an automated login form, as well as providing members with a free newsletter with the site's latest updates to their emails on a daily basis. Links to share posts via other networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and Twitter; and easier searching between related content on the Internet were also added.


The Conservative Camp is a full-scale conservative information website portal that is modeled in the style of a Yahoo!, MSN or AOL standard home page. The site contains a fully collaborative blog which aggregates the collective articles of the site's regular columnists. According to the site's "about us" page, visitors to The Conservative Camp will find articles and opinions from both contributing columnists that have a conservative point of view as well as feeds from national and international syndicated columnists. They will find links to all the major international news organizations from the United States and all around the world. And they will be able to navigate through a myriad of various current topics of interest, including such sensitive topics as abortion, divorce, religion, father's rights, mother's rights, environmental issues, military and foreign affairs, economic policy, humor, etc.

The site is both a news aggregation site, in which selected syndicated RSS news feeds are pulled into the site's newspages as links to the full articles. The links typically contain an image from the story, the headline and teaser line to the article, and a link to related articles. When the links are opened, a "transparent window" opens the article in its original site where the visitor can then read the content.

Finally the site features original content, created by the columnists, bloggers and guest contributing authors to the site. In addition to news, editorials, opinions and blogs, the site contains a series of tabbed "issues" links that take the visitor to any one of several itemized sections devoted to a single issue category. For example, the guest may visit "National Security" or "Fiscal Responsibility" and see updated headline links which are unique to each respective category.

The site contains a document transcript library, which houses public-domain documents from the U.S. Library of Congress. Visitors can download full transcripts of the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, and several other images and papers.

Finally, there are several links to external resources, itemized under category headings, and links to the site's YouTube channel, where visitors can watch video play lists under several category headings.

Growth and Influence

Since it's relaunch in September 2009, The Conservative Camp has seen rapid growth of its audience.

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The Conservative Camp advertises itself as "Conservative News,Editorials & Opinion, Multimedia,Humor, Issues, Commentary, Community, Blogs, Resources and Analysis and Information that the state-run media will not show." However, several visitors and web surfers have called out the site for being too biased as a right-leaning online magazine. Readers leaving comments to various articles or issues often mention the site's bias as clouding its value as a resource for getting reliable, objective information and news.

The Conservative Camp does not pretend to be totally neutral, as it is an admittedly conservative, center-right site. However, this is mostly in its opinion columns and blogs, as well as the issues that the site chooses to highlight. In providing aggregation services where the general news and updates are delivered, the site does so in a relatively objective manner.

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