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The Goldbergs is an American TV show, currently on the air that takes place in the 80s. Adam F. Goldberg is the producer of the show and is the main character. It's a comedy show and does not contain a liberal laugh track. The show is also very pro-family, and it's unlike most shows today, which focus on the dysfunction of a family. Instead, the Goldbergs portrays its characters in a funny, yet ultimately super positive way that showcases the importance of strong families in every episode.[1] The show is pretty clean-cut. Also the in Goldbergs, the family often enjoys watching other conservative movies and television shows such as A Christmas Story, The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ghostbusters, the Goonies, Magnum, P.I. and Red Dawn. Even Steven Crowder of conservative website "Louder with Crowder" acknowledges how great this show is, and has a page titled "Why Every Conservative Should Be Watching ABC’s “The Goldbergs”" which link can be found in the references below


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