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The Silent Scream is an ultrasound video of an abortion created by the pro-life activist Bernard Nathanson. The video is distributed by the Several Sources Foundation, a 501-(c)3 charity whose Mission Statement declares,

Through God's Grace, we save babies lives and shelter their young mothers while providing education and ongoing compassionate support services. We further educate young people to make healthy life choices. We also shelter women who are homeless, sick and elderly and we help them to restore their dignity.

The Facts about Abortion

Several Sources Foundation cites the Finnish Study of Suicide Risk and Induced Abortion. The study found suicide rates more than five times higher than the mean annual rate per 100,000 and concluded an increased risk of suicide after an induced abortion, based on either harmful affects on mental health, or common risk factors (poverty).[1] Other authorities, from the British Medical Journal to the American Psychiatric Association, dispute these findings.[2]

The Symbolism

The movie's title represents the screams of the unborn. It is commonly used by pro-life groups to teach the truth about abortion.

Additionally, the "silent scream" is a powerful image in the pro-life movement. Pro-life activists often wear a red piece of tape over their mouth at pro-life rallies, as a symbol of the "silent scream" of the child.

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