Theodosius I

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Theodosius (full name: Imperator Caesar Flavius Theodosius Augustus) was born in Spain in the year 347. He was appointed Emperor of the East by Gratian when he was thirty-two. In 380, he passed De Fidel Catolica, a law which required all people except for the Jews to follow the orthodox creed of the churches of Rome and Alexandria. Over the years, he destroyed pagan temples and Arian churches, and turned those he preserved into Catholic basilicas.

In 392, the western emperor Valentinian II was killed by the pagan general Arbogast, who made a pro-heathen Christian named Eugenius the emperor. Outraged at the murder of Valentinian and the pagan restoration, Theodosius built up an army to make the West believers in Our Lord Jesus. At the Frigidus in 394, his armies defeated those of the west. Eugenius was killed. Arbogast fled into the mountains and ended up killing himself—the end for a wicked coward. Now Catholicism was enforced across the empire. But on January 17,395 Theodosius died. He was the last strong western emperor.