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Theology Online ( is a public web forum where people from all walks of life discuss the issues most important to them. Theology Online's no-holds-barred approach to discourse provides a unique opportunity for its members to reveal their true feelings on any topic.


Founded in 1998, Theology Online was created to discuss the particulars of Christian theology by students of Professor Bob Hill's Derby School of Theology.[1] Since then, Theology Online has grown to become a hotbed of debate and dialog, as well as a resource to its 8,415 members. With nearly 25,000 threads and 1 million posts, Theology Online has vast references that examine every side of the most relevant issues facing our society today.


Theology Online's slogan is "Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed," citing from the Bible Proverbs 27:5.[2] In its pages, visitors will find a vast array of knowledge and opinion, varying from the most common topics to those other websites are afraid to broach.

Theology Online is the first website of its kind. Thousands of Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, and many others have come together to reasonably debate politics, religion, current events, and a wide variety of other interesting topics. Theology Online users are a diverse group, ranging in age from 14 to 80 years old, and varying widely in life philosophies and experiences. Spanning the globe, Theology Online has users in many countries, including Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, and Australia and of course the United States. TOL has a web traffic rank of 355,203, according to Alexa's Web Information.[3]

Topics often include politics,[4] where topics such as current events, abortion, homosexuality, gun control, public schools, welfare, taxes, and government are debated. Religion[5] is another major topic, where TOL's members debate General Theology, Religions and Denominations, God's Attributes, Predestination and Free Will, Dispensationalism, Eschatology, Philosophy, Origins, Archeology, Science, World History and other such topics.

Some of the more popular theological topics on Theology Online are Calvinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism. Other popular topics such as world news, pop culture, sports are as varied as the people who join Theology Online.


Theology Online gained notoriety when Pastor and Radio Host Bob Enyart debated Knox Seminary graduate, Professor Dr. Samual Lamerson, in "Battle Royale X Openness Theology - Does God Know Your Entire Future?".[6] Other Battle Royale[7] titles include: "Capital Punishment: Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?",[8] "Evolution: Science or Science Fiction?",[9] and "Does God Exist?".[10]


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