Thomas Aquinas College

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Thomas Aquinas College
City: Santa Paula, California
Type: Private
Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts[1]

Thomas Aquinas College is a small conservative, Catholic college primarily located in Santa Paula, California. In August 2019, Thomas Aquinas College opened a second campus in Northfield, Massachusetts (the "New England" campus), at the location of a former preparatory school.[2]

The college takes a classical approach to education. It has no professors, but instead calls them "tutors", and there are "no lectures, no didactic discourses, no simple memorization of others’ conclusions."[3] The courses do not rely on textbooks, but rather the "works of the best, most influential authors, poets, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and theologians of Western civilization." [4]

The college has only one major, Philosophy, and generally does not accept advanced placement or transfer credits. Some students even complete years of study elsewhere and start over at Thomas Aquinas College.

The student body at Thomas Aquinas College is exceptionally talented, having higher average SAT scores than most similar colleges.

Its president since 1991 has been Thomas Dillon, who joined the faculty as a professor in 1972, a year after its founding. He tragically died in a car crash in Ireland the morning of April 14, 2009, while attending a conference there.

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