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Conservative colleges

There is a small number of conservative colleges in the United States. Many feature lower tuition, non-tenured faculty, emphasis on merit, and conservative student bodies. Examples include:

  1. Grove City College - 600 students per grade, the finest conservative college in science-related fields and business; strong sports programs; maintains a 50%-50%[1] male-female ratio[2]
  2. Patrick Henry College - 80 students per grade, the finest conservative college for debate,[3] good political connections for internships when there is a Republican President
  3. Liberty University - 3000 students per grade and over 50,000 students overall; "the largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world"; strong sports programs
  4. Thomas Aquinas College - 90 students per grade,[4] highest SAT scores of conservative colleges (particularly verbal); rigorous "old books" curriculum with only one major; many grads join religious orders
  5. Christendom College - 100 students per grade, the entire school participates in the annual March for Life; good proximity to D.C.
  6. Franciscan University at Steubenville - at 600 students per grade, it is the largest conservative Catholic college; 60%:40% women-to-men ratio[5]
  7. King's College in New York City - 60 students per grade, located in the Empire State Building; reportedly attracts less conservative students[6]
  8. United States Coast Guard Academy - more Christian than most Christian colleges
  9. Ave Maria University - increased to 300 students per grade; many scholarships, particularly for veterans; located in a remote area of southern Florida
  10. Bob Jones University - Republican presidential candidates speak here to win support in South Carolina; long tradition of welcoming homeschoolers
  11. Pensacola Christian College - in the heart of one of the most conservative areas in the nation, the Florida panhandle
  12. Hillsdale College[7] - known for its free-market economics department
  13. Newberry College - welcomes homeschoolers on its website and is located in conservative South Carolina
  14. Brigham Young University - the largest private university in the nation with more than 30,000 students,[8] this college has several branches and is affiliated with the Mormon Church
  15. Benedictine College - 460 students per grade, located in Kansas
  16. Evangel University- a private Christian university affiliated with the Assemblies of God; located in Springfield, Missouri.
  17. University of Dallas - 300 students per grade, a Catholic school not quite as traditional as others on this list
  18. Augustine College - located in Ottawa, Canada, its motto is "credo ut intelligam" ("I believe in order that I may understand")
  19. Oral Roberts University - located in the Bible Belt, in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  20. University of Chicago - associated with 85 Nobel Laureates, birthplace of the Chicago school of economics (a school of thought, not a program) which rejects Keynesian theory.

The Princeton Review also lists these colleges as conservative,[9] but there are reasons to doubt that claim:

  1. Hampden-Sydney College (Hampden-Sydney, Virginia)
  2. College of the Ozarks (Point Lookout, Missouri)
  3. Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) - leads some Bible translation projects, including the NIV, the discredited TNIV, and a new one in progress
  4. Claremont McKenna College (Claremont, California)

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  2. Grove City College, like Hillsdale College, is free from onerous Title IX regulations because it declines all federal funding.
  3. Each year students from Patrick Henry College win first place in national and even international debate contests.
  4. Maintains a 50%-50% male-female ratio, with a significant percentage becoming clergy.
  7. One caveat: Hillsdale teaches the theory of evolution as though it were true.
  8. This figure includes undergraduate and graduate students.