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Undemocratic is an adjective referring to the circumventing of democracy by fraud, deceit, for financial or for partisan gain. Original laws of a democratic nation can be used against it for malicious purposes.


  • In the '04 Presidential elections, Democrats sued Independent candidate Ralph Nader off the ballot in 19 states
  • In '08, California Supreme Court struck down the gay marriage ban voted and approved by a majority of the people in 2000 as a ballot initiative
  • State Democrats in Texas fly out of state so as not have a legislation available to enact laws [1]
  • Politicians votes are recorded as "present" instead of voting yes or no on bills.
  • The parliamentary maneuvers by Democrats in Congress to "vote without voting" on Obamacare, which several state attorneys general, mostly Republicans, are suing to stop.

What it is not

Undemocratic actions should be distinguished from cases such as Boy Scouts v. Dale, in which the court protected the Boy Scouts' constitutional rights from usurpation by big government, and from enforcement of limitations on government power and maintenance of Constitutional order, such as the power of Congress to countermand acts of the city council of Washington, D.C.


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