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United Families International (UFI) is a nonprofit organization based in Mesa, Arizona which uses social science to preserve a future for the family. The organization has existed since 1978.

UFI has created numerous publications—the "Guide to Family Issues" series—demonstrating the impact on families, communities, businesses and society that various forces play. These publications are distributed to citizens and policymakers alike to educate them about the value that healthy families play in society. These booklets are filled with peer-reviewed social science research. Among the topics covered are: abortion, sexual orientation, sexual education, cohabitation, marriage, divorce, euthanasia, the impact of the mass media on families, and several others.

UFI is unique among pro-family organizations in that it is not religious-based and does not rely on religious text or arguments in its work to defend the family from harmful Leftist agendas. Among its programs are Defend Marriage, Stay Alive, and Restore Marriage, Canada! Stay Alive is a program currently active in nine African nations which instructs pre-adolescents in consequential thinking in order to protect them from HIV/AIDS infection and teen pregnancy.

Additionally, UFI works with a likeminded coalition of pro-family/pro-life organizations to defend family, life, marriage and traditional values at the United Nations. United Families International published the "United Nations Negotiating Guide," a hardcover book which provides delegates and coalition partners pro-family/pro-life language generated since the outset of the United Nations. This book is considered "the Bible" of pro-family language created by the U.N.

[www.unitedfamilies.org United Families Website]