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The United States Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is a four-year, collegiate level military academy that produces officers for the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Graduates receive a commission as either an ensign in the Navy or a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and may choose from a number of career branches within each service such as surface warfare, submarines, naval aviation, and special warfare (SEALs).

Academic Program

The Naval Academy offers 22 majors separated into three groups: Group I (Engineering): Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Systems Engineering Group II (Math and Science): Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Oceanography, Physics, Quantitative Economics Group III (Humanities and Social Sciences): Arabic, Chinese, Economics, English, History, Political Science

In addition, each midshipmen is required to complete a core syllabus of math, science, and engineering to include:

One year chemistry, one year physics, four semesters of math including Calculus through Calculus III, one year electrical engineering, one semester naval architecture, one semester thermodynamics, and one semester weapons engineering.

This heavy emphasis on science and engineering is reflected in the degree each midshipmen receives. All midshipmen graduate with a bachelor of science, even those who completed a group III major.

Each midshipman also takes at least one class each semester on a professional topic including:

Two semesters of navigation and seamanship, two semesters of leadership, one semester of ethics, one semester of naval law, and one semester dedicated to the career path the midshipman has chosen.

Finally, each midshipman takes a number of humanities classes including:

One semester of naval history, Two semesters of English, and one semester of American government.

Famous Graduates

Alan Shepard - Class of 1945. - first U.S. Astronaut in space, walk on the Moon, while commanding Apollo 14, Rear Admiral; World War II veteran; Navy test pilot

John McCain - Class of 1958. U.S. Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate [1]

Jimmy Carter - Class of 1946. 39th President and recipient of Nobel Peace Prize

James Stockdale - Class of 1947. Medal of Honor Recipient and 1992 Reform Party Vice-Presidential Candidate

Chester Nimitz - Class of 1905. Fleet Admiral who led U.S. Navy to victory in the Pacific

Jim Webb - Class of 1968. U.S. Senator and a former Secretary of the Navy.


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