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7. Shmuel Katz, Lone Wolf, a Biography of Zev Jabotinsky (NY 1996), 1140, 1380-90, passim; “The sessions,” Jabotinsky wrote of the Zionist Conference of 1933, “was converted by Labor into a war on Jabotinsky, the Revisionists [NZO], on the religious Mizrachi…” Katz adds, “Labor was approaching the hegemony in Zionism of which Ben Gurion had always dreamed.” Ben Gurion, Katz notes in his Afterword often denied the feasibility of a Jewish state, ibid. 1730. For the scuttling of a Jewish army raised in the Americas see pages 1763-6.

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The Celestial Sphere is anything above the troposphere.

In the Einsteinian Theory of Relativity, the earth can be though of as a point of reference.


This point of reference is used in basic physics to simplify calculations, and provides results which are accurate enough to use in kinetic projectile modelling. The art of throwing stuff at other stuff relies on the understanding that the celestial sphere was created on day four, and that the stars can be used to measure latitude and longitude. When gyroscopes are employed in the stabilization of moving objects, greater accuracy can be achieved. The combination of gyroscopes and stellar navigation is used in aircraft flight, and in rocket science.

Use of the Celestial Sphere as a Frame of Reference

The use of the stars as a relatively slow system lets the celestial sphere tell us how much the spectrum from hot hydrogen and helium has shifted from the norm in electromagnetic frequency.

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mizmor 117, hebrew bible

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