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I have a BS in Economics, an MS in Finance, and I am working on another MS in Statistics. I have worked for ExxonMobil and JPMorgan and while I am conservative, I have been known to split my ticket when I agreed more with the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate or when I did not feel the Republican candidate was competent enough for the office. I find Wikipedia to be wholly uncredible, not just because of a political bias, but because in my opinion the only people that seem to edit Wikipedia are unemployed liberal community college dropouts like Ryan Jordan. Essentially, Wikipedia is pseudoacademic for people who want to feel that they are intellectual, but in reality are not. My economic role model is Phil Gramm. I feel Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which was signed by President Bill Clinton (Leach later endorsed President Barack Obama), prevented the economic fallout from being much worse. Bear in mind the only major banks that have recently failed were the investment banks that were not commercial banks as well or commercial banks that were not investment banks as well.

I am from Texas, and I consider myself a Rick Perry Republican. Interestingly, I have not really supported the governor strongly in the past, but I vote based upon results and there is no denying that Rick Perry has generated, on a relative basis compared to the rest of the nation, both strong economic and fiscal results. I do not agree with all of Rick Perry's speeches, but I doubt that I can find any politician with whom I would agree with 100%. Kay Bailey Hutchison voted for the bank bailout and her moderate values are not what this state needs. Her endorsers include Dick Cheney, who said it would be "Herbert Hoover" time if the Senate did not approve the auto bailout.

There are three points that I do have concerns with Rick Perry on, however: the Trans Texas corridor, his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani in the primaries, and his mandate for the Gardisil vaccine.