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Colin Powell Edits

Brown25, I found your edits on Colin Powell to be way too opinionated. You can say anything you want on the talk pages, but please be more careful when editing biographies, or it could result in you being blocked. Thanks. Chippeterson July 19, 2009

I see you are NOT an administrator. As I stated on your talk page, while pointing out that Colin Powell was probably projecting his failures unto John McCain when he endorsed Barack Obama is possibly debateable, to threaten me with banning when you are not an administrator is a Gestapo tactic I would expect from Wikipedia, not from editors on Conservapedia. It is clear my edits came from a conservative angle. Brown25 17:57, 19 July 2009 (EDT)

I may not be an administrator Brown25, but I do have the authority to block users. I agree with your opinion, but it's still an opinion, not a fact. Chippeterson July 19, 2009

Fair enough. I am reviewing my edit right now to see what I stated as opinion and what I stated as fact. For the facts I have stated, I'll try to source it if possible. I guess I have just had some bad experiences on Wikipedia where some unemployed teeny bopper is trying to strong arm me with procedural tactics, which is why I had given up on Wikipedia because I was not going to compromise the truth for "consensus". Brown25 18:20, 19 July 2009 (EDT)
I wrote the teeny bopper comment before I found out you were 17. Hopefully you show more maturity than your peers at Wikipedia! Brown25 18:22, 19 July 2009 (EDT)

No offence Brown25, and I should have noted from the beginning that you've made alot of valued contributions. I'm glade we were able to clear this up. Chippeterson July 19, 2009