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One of the best things I like about this site is the Breaking News section on the Main Page. These are articles from the Main Page which I want to archive, similar to Rush Limbaugh's Essential Stack except it's past Breaking news articles from Conservapedia.


  • Read the flaws in the latest attempt by Harvard researchers to hide the abortion-breast cancer connection here. 4/27/07


  • "ACLU sues state over 'God' plates". Read the story here. "More than 515,000 of the 'In God We Trust' plates" have been requested "in less than four months," the AP story says. 4/25/07

Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela

  • "No sign of Castro on May Day in Cuba" and experts now doubt he'll ever return to full power, according to this article. How soon can Cuba begin to have some freedom? 5/2/07

Conservapedia, Wikipedia

  • "Wikipedia was never going to fix the problems that I saw with it," its co-founder Larry Sanger said. Read a press analysis of alternatives, including Conservapedia, here. 4/23/07
  • A thoughtful comparison of Conservapedia to Wikipedia is provided by George Mason University's History News Network here. 4/21/07
  • "Gangland graffiti", plus repeatedly malicious edits on Wikipedia, may have led to the unjustified detention at an airport of an outspoken historian. "For the last year—-most recently on Christmas Eve, 2006-—my Wikipedia biography had been persistently vandalized by anonymous 'contributors' intent on labeling me as a terrorist. The same allegations had been repeatedly scrawled, like gangland graffiti, as 'customer reviews' of A Shameful Act and my other books at"
The full account is here. 4/21/07

Environmentalism, Global Warming

  • The "enviromental-loving" left likes CFL light bulbs, and want a change in every American home. Where they're made and what you may discover should you break one is what they won't tell you: [1] 4/27/07


  • Women college athletes are hurt badly at James Madison University by how the feminists insist on applying Title IX in a way that that causes elimination of both men's and women's sports teams. "For freshman gymnast Elly Hart, it's a bitter pill. 'My dream was to come to college and compete,' she says. 'I thought Title IX would help me.'" Unfortunately, she thought wrong as the feminists are not trying to help women, see this latest article. 4/21/07

Gay Rights, Homosexuality

  • False alarm: The 'hate crime' that wasn't, after police investigated further. Gay activists have to call off their march. Full story here. 5/2/07
  • Slavic leadership against the homosexual agenda continues: "If we're talking about not having homosexual propaganda in Polish schools, I fully agree with those who feel this way," the Polish Prime Minister said. "Such propaganda should not be in schools; it definitely doesn't serve youth well." The pro-gay EU wants him condemned, see this AP story. 4/27/07
  • The Conservative mayor of Moscow, in office since 1992, won in court against an attempt to force him to allow a gay parade. He "said he would never allow a gay parade to take place in Moscow despite pressure from the West," according to the Russian news agency. 4/27/07
  • Seattle [Gay] Pride group disbanding and filing for bankruptcy, see story here. 4/24/07

Gun Control, Public Shootings

  • In the United States, Democrats fear the gun issue, and no Democratic presidential candidate or congressional leader called for gun control after the Virginia Tech massacre. "Only two candidates said anything about guns, and that was to support the right to have them," laments the pro-gun-control British Economist magazine. What that magazine won't report is that guns save more lives than they kill, and where there are more guns, there is less crime, as discovered by John Lott. 5/2/07
  • This commentator compares school shootings and finds the lack of guns to stop the killers to be the cause of the greater tragedies here. 4/25/07

Illegal Immigration

  • Individuals illegally in this country again making the news; in this case, it's about courts in the Southwest overburdened with an increase in felonies: [2] 4/27/07


Don't like pedophiles? We don't, and neither does Miss America: [3] 5/2/07


  • Jim Gilmore, former governor of Virginia, entered the Republican presidential race: [4] 4/26/07
  • The conservative Nicolas Sarkozy wins the first round of the French presidential election, and is predicted to easily win the runoff election against a socialist! See the NY Times article here. 4/22/07


  • A new study of 16,000 children finds that the "kids whose parents regularly attended religious services — especially when both parents did so frequently — and talked with their kids about religion were rated by both parents and teachers as having better self-control, social skills and approaches to learning than kids with non-religious parents." See story here. 4/25/07

War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan

  • Al Qaeda has every intention of getting their hands on a nuke...and using it on the U.S. [5] 5/2/07
  • High probability of terrorist attacks predicted, according to this news article: [6] 5/2/07
  • "Terrorist attacks worldwide shot up more than 25 percent last year, killing 40 percent more people than in 2005," says this report. 5/2/07
  • Former CIA chief George Tenet's says in his new book, At the Center of the Storm,he was "frustrated during the Clinton administration because Attorney General Janet Reno had ruled that a CIA plan to assassinate Osama bin Laden was illegal." [7] 5/2/07
  • Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) states we lost in Iraq. Then who won, Mr. Senator? [8] 4/27/07