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Thanks for the hat-tip earlier TCOT Report. --Jpatt 22:41, 5 October 2009 (EDT)

This user is proud to be an American citizen.
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United States Marine Corps
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This user believes in the right for every American citizen to keep and bear arms... as outlined by the Second Amendment.
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Declaration of Independence
was written and signed by right-wing extremests.
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I support Ted Cruz for President, 2016, but if I have to, I would also vote for Donald Trump because he claims, and therefore appears to be strong against illegal immigration, aware of a threat that is the rise of Islam in America, and very pro-second amendment. But is Trump only saying what he knows he needs to say to get the votes, and as president become a typical Hollywood democrat? Time will tell.

Question: Who is the worst president ever?

Answer: The Agitator and Chief, also known as The Lawless One: Barack Hussein Obama.