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My name is Alan Conroy. I have been writing software professionally and personally for about 46 years. In that time, I have used numerous programming languages running on platforms from Mainframes to Androids. I've written software across multiple domains from systems programming to financial to consumer. I have a BS in Computer science from Seattle Pacific University, where I worked as a System Administrator after graduating. While working there I also worked toward a degree in Botany, a lifelong interest of mine. I propagate native plants of the Pacific Northwest that I give away/sell. I also took several music classes at the university, which is another long-time area of interest.

I have been a serious student of the Bible for 42 years, and a history buff (specifically American, Roman, Irish, ancient Hebrew and early church history) for even longer. Other fields of interest at one point or another in my life include: medicine (I had once considered becoming a doctor), RPGs (primarily D&D), Electronics (discrete and digital), UFOs, law enforcement, and most natural sciences: especially Paleontology, Entomology, Biochemistry, botany, Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, and Climatology.

For more details about me, you can visit my web site [1].