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Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, hosting a talk radio program and posting on the AFA-run blog Rightly Concerned. Although a product of Stanford university, he has become a leading but occasionally controversial spokesman for socially conservative values. Fischer has consistently and unapologetically upheld conservative values and is an advocate of a consistent Biblical worldview in all aspects of life. He is also active in politics at the local level in his home state of Idaho.



Fischer strongly opposes the homosexual agenda, taking positions that many more prominent politicians are afraid to vocalize for fear of falling afoul of liberal political correctness. Fischer has joined Conservapedia among the few prominent conservative outlets to discuss the connection between homosexuality and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The Ten Commandments

Fischer founded the Keep the Commandments Coalition dedicated to preserving a monument to the ten commandments on public land in Boise. He was opposed by the ACLU and other liberal groups.


Fischer strongly supports a culture of life in all its aspects. He opposes abortionists and all forms of death panels.


Fischer has attacked environmentalist claims head-on. He promotes the documentary Resisting the Green Dragon and places human and societal welfare as the most important issues. After a grizzly bear killed in a visitor in Yellowstone National Park, Fischer called for an "open season" on these animals.


Fischer is a sometimes outspoken critic of Islam and its adherents and has regularly been dismissed as a bigot by advocates of multiculturalism. He has argued that Islamic values are incompatible with a democratic state, saying that "simple Judeo-Christian compassion dictates a restriction and repatriation policy with regard to Muslim immigration into the U.S."