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An Ex-Wikipedian and Classical Conservative

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This user is a classical Conservative in the European sense of the word. Burke is one of my idols and I believe religion can be a positive force in society, regardless of whether it is Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu. While I support public pay-in insurance systems (it's been proven in most cases to result in less expensive premiums for the insured), I do not support the Finnish myth that all people have the same capacity and have a right to exactly the same things.

I also am adamently against a culture where being extra talented or gifted is seen as something people should hide or be ashamed of. A society works best when we together celebrate the different talents and make sure people with gifts are able to find their way to where they are needed in society. It's like being on the same team where every player has a special talent and task.

My Wikinightmare

I am a refugee of the Wikipedia edit wars. I gradually became disillusioned with the fact that "anyone or anything" was allowed to edit, regardless of how much (or how incredibly little) they knew about a subject.... and boy can some ignorant people be very arrogant! I think an encyclopedia should be a wholesome and intellectual hobby environment where everybody learns something through a respectful debate.

Planned New Articles

  • Njalsson Family (an Icelandic-American-Canadian-Finnish family)
  • Anza, California (city article)
  • Space Law (a general article on the field) - In Progress
  • Finland-related articles (immigration, conservativism in Finland, etc.)
  • Public Administration - In Progress
  • Cyberslander (Comparative legal regimes) - Research in Progress

My Quotes of the Month

  • A society that will not set limits for its children will eventually end up having to defend itself against them.
  • If a person cannot be faithful in marriage and friendship, how can such a person uphold any contract?

Projects I Think We Should Hurry Up With

  • Veterans Memory Project (Conservapedia could put together a really

cool veterans biography project (a special portal) and coordinate it with the Library of Congress project with a similar purpose. This might bring some positive PR!) How could we compliment the LOC project as an encyclopedia?

  • Why on earth would Conservapedia include entries on companies and enterprises?

What is the difference between our entries and those of Wikipedia? There is a clear difference! We should profile unique examples of industriousness, willingness to innovate and the results of hard work for young people and other readers to learn from! We should support a culture of free enterprise and the rewarding of those who excell and work hard. Our unique company infobox should reflect this Conservapedia philosophy.

  • Headstart in Ethics Portal. This portal would offer articles on various issues of child-raising, with particular emphasis on how children learn right from wrong and self-discipline/responsibility. Focus would be on what is known about this learning process and about "best-practices".