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Time to get it straight, Wikipedia: This is an American novelist. Don't ghettoize her as an American woman novelist.

Restoring human dignity: A modest proposal

I recently perused Category:Humans and I noticed a shocking oversight: Amanda Filipacchi is not in it. As you may or may not be aware, Filipacchi is at the center of a Wikipedia bruhaha I like to refer to as Category:Boogyman. In various op-eds and letters to the editor, she has explained how Wikipedians have tried to deprive her of her noble "American novelist" category identifier and substitute a ghettoized "American woman novelist" identifier. Must we rob her of her basic human dignity as well?

To review how this crisis has developed so far:

  • "Wikipedia’s Sexism Toward Female Novelists". On April 24, Amanda blows the lid off recategorization activity at Wikipedia. In a New York Times op-ed, she explains that the issue is of vital interest to readers because employers routinely page through this absurdly overgrown 4,000-element category when deciding "whom to hire, or honor, or read" and "might not even notice that the first page of it includes far more men than women." Amanda is known for her humor writing. But don't laugh at this line; It is possible that she may have meant it seriously. To save you trouble of reading it article, the gist of this article is that diffusing categories is the new sexism.
  • "Wikipedia’s Sexism", On April 27, the NYT publishes an second (2nd!) op-ed that says almost exactly the same thing as the first. Why would a newspaper publish essentially the same material twice within three days? Well, it certainly isn't because Amanda's daddy is head of magazine publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., that's for sure. It must be because there were 22 edits to her bio in the 24 hours after the first op-ed was published.
  • "Wikipedia’s shame" Andrew Leonard of Salon depicts Amanda as the victim of vengeful Wikipedians.
  • "Wikipedia’s Women Problem" James Gliek of the New York Review of Books blames it all on category maven Johnpacklambert.
  • "Sexism on Wikipedia Is Not the Work of 'a Single Misguided Editor'" On April 30 in The Atlantic, Amanda exposes seven editors who moved bios from Category:American novelists to Category:American women novelists. Have you no shame, Wikipedia?

OK, I have kept you in suspense long enough. So why is this an un-user page rather than user page? Well, you see I have written satires on other subjects and posted them on this page. But not everyone appreciated them, and the page has been deleted before. Yet it continues to ambulate in a Zombie-like fashion. So hurry up, read it, and tell your friends before it gets deleted again.