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Here are my American Thinker articles:

Back from Hong Kong

I'm back from Hong Kong and it was certainly quite a week to be there (Oct. 1-7). Hong Kong was once a British colony, but it has been ruled by China since 1997. The city has a unique "one country, two systems" form of government that allows a British-style legal system to flourish despite the fact that the local government now works for the Chinese Communist Party. There have been pro-democracy protests in the city since an extradition bill was proposed four months ago. The protests mushroomed after Carrie Lam, the city's hapless chief executive, issued a decree banning masks on Oct. 5. Vandalism was so intense that the entire subway system had to closed for the first time in its history. Not only that, but the city's High Court is likely to overturn the decree.
As if protests and tear gas weren't enough, Hong Kong faces another serious problem: The city is experiencing one of the largest housing bubbles in economic history. Rising land values make the rich richer and leaves young couples unable to afford homes of their own. Everyone wants a piece of the action, including Chinese President Xi Jinping. Xi has a villa in Hong Kong at Repulse Bay. When I talked to the protesters, I suggested that they take a look at that.

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