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I joined Conservapedia on 9 March 2006.

I made comments on Conservapedia Talk about access and copyright issues.

I was also concerned that the Privacy policy link on the bottom of each page was to an empty page. It now says they won't sell or give away my info, but doesn't say what the site administrators themselves might do. I have recorded my email address as a registered user, but have no idea what the site administrators might do with my name, email address or IP number.

If you are able to, you are welcome to leave a message on my talk page or use the E-mail this user link.

I came here to learn, and I have learned that even though I might hold some conservative views, I'm not "a Conservative".

Other things that seem to matter here that I am not include:

I find it interesting that Conservapedia has a large article on abortion which mostly covers long-term negative health effects, but doesn't mention psychological effects. At the same time, because Conservapedia is "family-friendly", it has prevented the creation of an article on sex[1], and does not presently have articles on family or pregnancy, but the article on marriage[2] includes discussion of marriages with more than two partners from the second sentence. That's a teenage fantasy, not a marriage.

I was born and still live in South Australia, but have visited several other countries including multiple visits to both the United States of America and Canada. I intend to visit both countries again.

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