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Hello, MaddieJ, and welcome to Conservapedia!

We're glad you are here to edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you edit.

At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "{{Useful links}}" on the page. Any questions--ask!

Thanks for reading, MaddieJ!

This "welcome" template above has several useful links you might want to read. Thanks for your edits! --1990'sguy (talk) 15:07, 21 May 2018 (EDT)
Thank you. --MaddieJ (talk) 22:18, 21 May 2018 (EDT)


I have created a page for suggestions for Wikipedia's current events page. If anyone wants to add them there, feel free to do so. I will add stuff to it each day. Regards! --MaddieJ (talk) 11:31, 29 May 2018 (EDT)

I appreciate your interest in improving these wikis, and I have enjoyed many of your edits on this website, but using CP to suggest edits to Wikipedia is simply an inappropriate use of this website, since what we write on this website should be used to improve this website. Minus support from other administrators for your sub-page, I will have to delete it in accordance with CP's mission and policies, though I will give you time on this. BTW, I did add some of your suggestions to the other days you suggested to me by email. --1990'sguy (talk) 14:09, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
I know 1990'sguy that this isn't aloud but some suggestions. I'm glad you added the suggestions. If you would like to delete it, feel free to do so. I tagged it for speedy deletion. --MaddieJ (talk) 14:50, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
Thank you -- any editing suggestions for CP are welcome, either on a talk page or a user sub-page, though suggestions for another website should either be placed there or in a private venue. --1990'sguy (talk) 14:57, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
What do you think about what I did on my userpage regarding the suggestions? --MaddieJ (talk) 14:58, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
That's a harder question. I'll discuss it with the admins. --1990'sguy (talk) 14:59, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
By email you can discuss it, and you can let me know shortly. --MaddieJ (talk) 15:00, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
1990'sguy Just removed them from my user page. I believe its a bad idea for it to be there. Any suggestions for Wikipedia's current events page will be emailed personally (if I see there is any). --MaddieJ (talk) 15:06, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
Thanks. I'll take a look and see if I can add at least some of them. --1990'sguy (talk) 15:13, 29 May 2018 (EDT)
  • Maddie, as I said in response to your email, we will not be editing Wikipedia on your behalf, per WP:MEAT. Please read the email I sent to you and refrain from further meatpuppetry requests on Conservapedia or we may be forced to block you, and I don't want to have to do that. DMorris (talk) 21:16, 29 May 2018 (EDT)